On the road to getting back on the road. Thank you John, Molly and Tim! The best team I have ever worked with!

Robert - Binghamton, NY

Dr. John is incredible! I am in stroke recovery and made huge strides under his guidance...great combination of push and compassion...extremely knowledgeable!

MarkMichael - Johnson City, NY

Second surgery rehab with OPT. John is awesome & has a great crew!

Darline - Johnson City, NY

Finally done with physical therapy. Thanks Dr. Molly! Couldn't have done it without you. Excellent staff, who are not only good at what they do, but are caring and can also be a lot of fun. Thanks again for getting me back on my feet!!!

Debbie - Johnson City, NY

My daughter has been going there for a couple of weeks now. I have seen an improvement in her shoulder pain. Molly has been great. She still has a ways to go but with Molly, she is definitely on the right track. Thank you for being there.

Roann - Apalachin, NY


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