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Every year an estimate two million concussions occur across the United States.  A concussion can occur from a direct blow to the head or thought a force transmitted through the body to the head.  Car accidents, sports collisions and falls are commons causes of concussions.  Our physical therapists offer a unique post-concussion rehab program to help our patients manage the effects of a concussion

Our Post Concussion Rehab Program

The old method of treating a concussion was to sit in a dark room.  Scientific studies and advancements have proven that physical therapy can help reduce symptoms, recover balance, improve gaze stability and more.

Our program adheres to a regimen of assessment, diagnosis and treatment of concussions and is custom tailored to each patient.  Our doctors understand that that symptoms and recovery time are unique to every individual and a personalized plan of care must be established for optimal recovery.

Our Treatment of Concussions Include:

  •   Vision and coordination testing
  •   Vestibular/Ocular/Balance motor rehabilitation
  •   Orthopedic evaluation of the neck along with contributing factors that may be causing headaches
  •   Baseline testing
  •   Return-to-play program recommendations once a patient is deemed fit to return to normal activity
  •   Specialist referral

We want to ensure the best treatment possible when an individual suffers a concussion. Our physical therapists and trainers are constantly educated on all relevant state legislation voted on by the General Assembly, along with cutting edge research and rehabilitative techniques for concussion treatment.

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