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Our Golf Strong program includes a biomechanical analysis of your golf swing and provides you with an individual training regimen to prevent injury and better your game.

The golf swing is a complex biomechanical event that stresses most of the muscles and joints in your body. It requires adequate flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination to build an effective swing. For that reason, it is extremely important to train your body specific to the task of golfing. Physical therapists, as experts in anatomical / movement analysis as well as sport specific training, are valuable assets in the pursuit of your perfect swing.

Whether your aim is to improve performance on the course, play injury free, or return to the game following injury, the Golf Strong program is built to selectively address and achieve your individual goals.

Golf Strong Training Program Pricing

Individual Training Session (60 min) = $100
Video Swing Analysis & Report Card (60 min) = $125
Our Best Value – The Golf Strong Performance Package
Video Swing Analysis & 3 Training Sessions (60 min each session) = $425
Off Premises Golf Session = $125.00

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