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According to the CDC, 30 million children participate in some sort of athletic program each year. Among those 30 million, over 5 million children are treated for sports-related injuries, 40% of which are children between the ages of 5-14, as reported by the AOSSM (American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine). Most of the injuries treated each year could have been prevented. Although the prevalence of injuries decreases with age, the severity tends to increase. Overuse injuries, such as shoulder impingement, tennis elbow, and patellar tendinopathies are more common in adolescent athletes. Many young athletes have daily aches and pains that go ignored for lengths of time and eventually those aches turn into larger problems. Those larger problems lead to less practice time, which leads to less game time. As high school athletics get more competitive it’s even more important for athletes to maintain versatility and overall fitness. School athletics get more competitive it’s even more important for athletes to maintain versatility and overall fitness.

A Well Rounded Athlete is the Teams Strongest Athlete

So, what does this information mean? Have you ever heard the saying: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"? Well, it's the truth. Athletes that are well rounded in all aspects of physical fitness (strength, stability, flexibility, aerobic capacity, agility, power) tend to have fewer injuries than their colleagues who excel at only a few areas of fitness. In order to be well rounded, an athlete must participate in a variety of activities that challenge ALL of the above areas. Also, they MUST address any physical issues as soon as they become present. PAIN is NOT normal.

At Oakdale Physical Therapy & Fitness, we now provide FREE sports injury screenings (SIS) to the area's youth athletes. The SIS service allows our local athletes, dancers, acrobats, access to immediate health care. In each screening, the Doctor of Physical Therapy will discuss the injury and provide suggestions for self-management or recommend additional medical services. There is no appointment necessary and all child athletes under the age of 21 are eligible. A parent/guardians permission is required for those under the age of 18. We will also be glad to arrange a visit to your facility to discuss this valuable program.

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