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Free Sport Injury Screenings

The staff at Oakdale Physical Therapy & Fitness has worked for years to provide superior service in rehabilitation of the Southern Tier’s athletic population. As competition of high school, college, and professional sports intensifies so do the physical demands on the athletes participating in them.  As athletes become bigger, faster, and stronger, the risk of injury also increases, especially if the athlete is training improperly.  College and professional athletes have the benefit of in-house sports medicine facilities which provide expeditious, first rate care to all athletes.  However, most high schools do not have such amenities. Therefore, the school’s athletic staff and local health professionals are obligated to provide prompt, appropriate medical intervention. 


The benefits of injury prevention programs and pre-participation screenings have been advertised by many sport authorities and in peer-reviewed literature.  It is for this reason we contact you today.  Oakdale PTF would like to inform you of our new implementation of free sport injury screenings (FSIS) for any athlete at your school.  We understand that an athletic trainer may not always be available, or he/she may have questions about an athlete’s complaints, so that is why we are opening up our services to assist the local high school population.


We believe the combination of our clinical skills and the athletic trainer’s knowledge of the importance of injury prevention and rehabilitation would provide your athletes with the best opportunity to fully participate in sport activities without injury.


We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to speak to you regarding the specifics of our services.  We will gladly set up an appointment based on your availability.


Thank you very much for your time!  We look forward to working with you and your staff.