Oakdale Physical Therapy & Fitness presents the “supervised fitness program” to help clients achieve their goal of increased fitness despite age, disability and/or disease. This wellness-based specialty constitutes “true physical therapy”.

According to the Guide to Physical Therapist Practice, the scope of practice for physical therapists does include provision of wellness services or care that forestalls functional declines and/or need for more costly forms of medical care. The Model Definition of Physical Therapy for State Practice Acts also states that physical therapy includes “preventing injury, impairments, functional limitations, and disability, including promoting and maintaining fitness, health, and quality of life in all age populations". We have on staff not only licensed Physical Therapists, but also Certified Weight Trainers, Certified Strength Training Specialists and Certified Personal Trainers.

Personal Training Pricing

60 Minute Sessions

Single Packages Duo Packages
8 Sessions = $540 8 Sessions = $315 ea person
16 Sessions = $1020 16 Sessions = $600 ea person
24 Sessions = $1440 24 Sessions = $890 ea person
32 Sessions = $1800 32 Sessions = $1120 ea person
40 Sessions = $2100 40 Sessions = $1340 ea person
48 Sessions = $2520 48 Sessions = $1536 ea person

30 Minute Sessions

Single Packages
8 Sessions = $264 ($33 per session)
16 Sessions = $512 ($32 per session)
24 Sessions = $744 ($31 per session)
32 Sessions = $960 ($30 per session)
40 Sessions = $1160 ($29 per session)
48 Sessions = $1344 ($28 per session)

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