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Age Old Question

A fairly simple answer to an age-old question


Ever wonder how to start getting into shape? The solution starts the same way you remedy being lost: find out where you are, then decide what direction to go.  Where you are is probably not where you want to be- perhaps in the bad neighborhood of “overweight or obese”, or more simply “not in shape”. 


How you know is by checking a map, in our case by measuring your ability to do such things as push up’s, pull up’s, abdominal crunches, standing balance on one leg, and squats. I call these “measuring up tests”.  The direction to go often decided upon by common myths about exercise. For example, walking while holding 2-pound hand weights will get us in shape faster than without them is often seen.

The fact is that this provides zero extra benefits because it is not enough overload, nor is it specifically isolating any structure of the body well enough.  Success is greatly improved by executing some key evidence-based scientific knowledge: aerobic exercises will keep you alive longer and improve the quantity of your life. On the other hand, strengthening exercises will keep you functional and improve the quality of your life.  In terms of weight loss efficiency, aerobic exercise burns calories only while you are doing it, so it is not as effective as strengthening exercise, which burns calories during and after doing it. This makes it a double whammy of benefit, because adding 1 pound of muscle burns up to 50 more calories at rest than as much fat. 

The take home message here is that you are still in control of your destiny by the choices you make. Make the decision to find out where you are, where you ought to be and what direction to step to get there.  We are here to help!