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3 Reasons to Love Direct Access to Physical Therapy

3 Reasons to Love Direct Access to Physical Therapy


We are so happy that you are part of our PT family. Now with Direct Access, coming to our clinic is easier than ever before to get the help you need. If you have experienced pain or injury, let us be your first stop.  for physical therapy. Why should you consider coming here first? Well, there are a few reasons why!

1. You can avoid long wait times and expensive testing2: Going for a physical therapy evaluation for back pain first can result in long term solutions without the use of expensive tests such as MRIs. In 2012, the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation launched the Choosing Wisely initiative aimed at cutting back on low-value tests and treatments. Turns out, imaging for low back pain is among the most popular tests targeted. The American Academy of Family Physicians has also come out saying low back pain imaging is an overused service. Physical therapists are trained to work on and identify issues within the spine. If you suffer from low back pain, come see us first!

2. We can relieve your pain without the dependency on Opioids3: Physical therapy treats the source of pain, leaving patients stronger and more active. In contrast, pain relievers treat only the symptoms and can leave patients dependent on medication.

3. Physical therapy can reduce or remove the need for surgery3: Physical therapy works to reduce pain and heal injuries. It works so well in fact that in many cases, it has been proven to remove or reduce the need for surgery. If surgery is needed, a pre-op visit can help make recovery easier and safer.

If your insurance plan requires a physician referral, that’s not a problem. If you don’t have a Primary Care Physician that you love, we can recommend you to a trusted physician or specialist before continuing your care. We have relationships with many local providers and may be able to get an appointment for you sooner than if you went on your own.


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